Thursday, November 6, 2008

a great furniture rehab idea

Its official I’m truly becoming my mother. I am the brand new recipient of a subscription to Better Homes & Gardens Magazine. My mom has received this magazine for years and I always thought it was a ahem, "mature ladies" magazine. Well I guess I’m now a "mature lady" because I like this mag. I like the recipes (although I’m a horrible cook, one can always dream of making those fabulous dishes), but I really like the decorating articles. Not only do I read the mag, but I also check out ideas on their website from time to time. Recently on, they featured 9 ideas for renovating an old bookcase. While I liked them all, this one really caught my eye:

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How many of us had almost that exact same entertainment center in their home at some time? You see these all the time at resale shops. I always think why would someone buy that? Here’s why:

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Look at what they did with this outdated bookcase! It’s now a cool laundry station. By simply removing the doors, painting a bright color and adding some hanging rods it becomes suddenly cool and useful. Did you notice the ironing board attached to the side? Having this in your laundry room would definitely make doing laundry more pleasant.

Ok so what if your laundry room is too small for something like this? Well couldn’t you see this in a kids room or playroom. Add bins for toys, you could even still put in a hanging rod and hang dress up clothes on there. I think with different paint choices the possibilities are endless.

I know I'll never look at these MDF monstrosities the same again!

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Blissful Nikki said...

what a GREAT idea! I used to have one of these ugly things once too and now I want it back! lol Maybe goodwill will have one soon!!