Thursday, October 30, 2008

how quickly they grow

Nate had his 15 month check-up yesterday (only about 1 month late, oops!). My little man is growing so fast. I wish I could slow time down. He's my second and last baby boy and he's not a baby anymore, he's fast on the road to being a "kid". Gone are the snuggle days. Gone are the sweet newborn cooing noises. Gone is the soft, never bruised, never scraped skin. Gone is the new baby smell. How did that happen so fast? Did I blink and miss it? Perhaps I should have started this blog a year ago, or even 4 years ago when my first was new. Maybe I'd have a vast collection of memories forever saved in sappy posts I could read back on years later. Perhaps. But even if I had, these special days of babyhood would still be gone. At least this mom's biggest consolation prize are the millions of new memories and experiences yet to be had. Even while I miss those baby days, I so love the little man he's becoming and can wait to see what a great kid, teenager, man, husband and father he'll grow to be.

Appt. stats: 24 lbs 1 oz - 32"

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

a quick trip to vote

Gregg and I decided to beat the rush of Election Day and go early vote during our lunch hour. I thought going in that our town would only have one voting machine, but given our town isn’t that big, I didn’t think the process would take too long. Boy was I wrong.

There were three people ahead of us in the waiting room at our village hall. No numbers were handed out, we were on the honor system. We took our seats. After nearly 10 minutes of no activity I was getting annoyed and wondered to myself if the “Person in Charge” had gone to lunch or something. Another couple walked in and took the last two remaining lobby seats. The wait continued. It was one of those awkward experiences where everyone tries not to look at each other, like in an elevator. I casually checked out each person waiting, and made up names for them. What else was I supposed to do?

There was “Madge the older lady”, she sat and read a book while waiting. She didn’t notice me checking out her footwear. I guess fall is officially here, she had on leather sandals with thick forest green wool socks. Oh to be old and not care what anyone thinks of you. Next was “Carefree Suzanne”. She also was prepared for the wait with a book (why didn’t I bring something to read?!). She was fashionably dressed and seemed like she had all the time in the world (at least until 3 when the kids get home from school). Next to me was “Retired Joe”. He looked about as annoyed as I was, probably because he too was sick (the smell of Halls mentho-lyptus hung in the air around him) and was probably mentally cussing out his wife for nagging him to go vote early, oh wait that was probably what Gregg was thinking about me. The new comers settled in for a long sit. He broke out the reader’s digest (why didn’t anyone tell me reading material was needed?) she ate the Halloween candy she couldn’t resist opening earlier that day, they could wait, they had no time constraints, they’re retired. Then out of nowhere “Carefree Suzanne” got up and left, she’ll probably be back later or tomorrow, she’s got time. Bye Suzanne, alright, one less person in front of us.

Finally an older gentleman emerged from an office. So it wasn’t a lunch break after all, but a very slow old voter. Come on gramps, didn’t you know there were people waiting. The woman in charge called the next person. I thought ok, now were moving. Nope, it took almost 10 minutes for each person to vote. What was going on here? Maybe the computerized machines were confusing the old folks?

After sitting for what seemed like a week, it was finally my turn. I go into the voting office and what’s this, no computerized machine? Nope first there’s a paperwork the “Lady in Charge” needs to fill out, then she hands you a ballot to hand fill out (flash backs of scan-tron tests of the past flash through my head). Once you complete filling in little circles on the ballot, you have to seal it in an envelope. The LIC comes back in and time stamps it, and watches you put your sealed ballot in a metal ballot box that she informs you gets hand delivered to the county voting board each evening by a police officer.

As I walk out, after my nearly 8 minutes, I said a silent apologies to the Senior Citizen set I had so rudely criticized during my wait. Paper work? Really? It is 2008 right?

Moral of this long drawn out story, don’t early vote unless you’ve got loads of time to kills and for goodness sakes if you do go, bring a book!

Monday, October 20, 2008, a favorite site

One of my favorite sites, especially for the holidays is We always have family asking what the boys would like for Christmas or Birthdays. I'm terrible about remembering what I've already told someone, so duplicates have been an issue in the past, but that's not a problem since we stated using It's so easy to use, you simply create as many wishlists and you want, you can add items by searching through their site, using their special bookmark tool to add from other sites, manually enter the info, or go to a wishlist retailer and use the add to wishlist button on their site. Once you add items you can rank thier importance. It will show visitors which items have not been purchased yet. One of my favorite featurs is that is you buy something from a brick & mortar store, you can go on the wishlist and mark that it's already purchased, that's right you don't have to buy online if you don't want to! Oh and did I mention it's FREE to use?! Go check it out.

We've already added some items for the boys, just go to, click on find a wishlist, and search by our last name.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

happy 75th pops!

Today my dad turned 75! Wow 75. I still picture him as about 47. I would have been around 8 years old then. He'd come home from a hard day of work. Eat dinner and retire to his comfy recliner. Each night I'd crawl up ino his lap, we'd touch heads and sit and watch some tv. I was a daddy's girl and I still am. Happy Birthday Pops, hope its a good one!

Friday, October 3, 2008

dippin' my toes in the water

My first post and already I have a confession. I am a serial blog lurker, some may even say blog stalker. I prefer blog observer. After all I was just trying to find out what blogging is all about.

Up until a few months ago I didn't really know that the blog world even existed. How is that possible you ask? Oh I'd heard of blogs, but I never realized there was such a blog community out there. I discovered it blogs weren't just people posting links and talking about mindless stuff. Oh no, blogging had evolved. How I've missed out on this is beyond me.

During my lurking stalking observing period, I've read some amazing posts written by even more amazing woman. I never realized how sharing bits and pieces of your life could be so fun. I've picked up some great recipes I hope to make (someday I'll be bitten by the cooking bug). I've been encouraged to rethink my decorating (who knew you do do so much with spray paint?). I've mostly been inspired by how open the blogging community is. I've read numerous stories of bloggers hardships or illnesses being shared and bloggers around world pull together to do anything to help out. I really could go on and on about everything I've observed.

I guess the ultimate inspiration is that all my observations have prompted me to start my own blog. I can't promise to be as witty as others, I'm no 5 star cook or decorator, but who knows maybe one day some little bit I share here will inspire someone else. Until then, I'll probably just ramble on about my delicious children, husband and out everyday lives.

So make room blogging world, I'm diving in!

(In case you're curious, I used some form of the work blog 14 times. Yikes sorry about that, I'll get better)