Monday, October 20, 2008, a favorite site

One of my favorite sites, especially for the holidays is We always have family asking what the boys would like for Christmas or Birthdays. I'm terrible about remembering what I've already told someone, so duplicates have been an issue in the past, but that's not a problem since we stated using It's so easy to use, you simply create as many wishlists and you want, you can add items by searching through their site, using their special bookmark tool to add from other sites, manually enter the info, or go to a wishlist retailer and use the add to wishlist button on their site. Once you add items you can rank thier importance. It will show visitors which items have not been purchased yet. One of my favorite featurs is that is you buy something from a brick & mortar store, you can go on the wishlist and mark that it's already purchased, that's right you don't have to buy online if you don't want to! Oh and did I mention it's FREE to use?! Go check it out.

We've already added some items for the boys, just go to, click on find a wishlist, and search by our last name.

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