Tuesday, January 5, 2010

diary of a bad blogger

I started this blog over a year ago. My intent was to share information with family and friends, to have a place to "catalog" our lives and also I wanted to share/document some home projects. It seems I'm always working on some project. Lately however the life has happened. Right around the time I started this blog I also went back to work full time working for another division of our company. Even though I was only working one more day a week (was working only 4 days since J was born) it seemed like suddenly I couldn't keep up with anything. I guess I did a lot in that one day. I grocery shopped, I did laundry, I cleaned (well most weeks), I caught up on news, I had ME time etc. Along with more work days, came more actual work. My new job is more challenging, it keeps my brain on overdrive all day. Then this year J started school which means homework and keeping track of what he needs to bring for this day or when library books have to be returned... you know the usual mom stuff. In the end my blog got ignored.

I'm thinking maybe if I set a goal to update once a month, I might be able to keep to it. Hey I said might. We'll see.

So if anyone is out there still looking to see if I've updated, I'm sorry, I'll try to do better at keeping you all updated.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

M - I - C... see you real soon

We are off to Disney today! It will be Jackson's first trip, he's so excited. I'm going to miss Nate so badly, but he'll have a better time at Grandma's.

Until we get back...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

where has the time gone

I kept telling myself not to blink, I'd miss it. Keep watch, remember every second. Somehow it happened anyway. My Jackson, my first baby, my sweet sweet boy is not only five, but he started Kindergarten yesterday.

You'd think being a working mom and having my boys in daycare, I'd be used to leaving him in the care of others each day. He's certainly used to a school environment, in fact he loves it. Why should I feel this pang in my heart. There's just something so different about real school. Maybe it's all those extra kids in the building, maybe it's the fact he'll have to get on a school bus in the afternoons, maybe it's less individual care. I worry will he feel scared, will he make new friends, will he eat his lunch, will the new kids be nice... On and on my worries go. While he has questions about Kindergarten and what he'll be doing all day, just look at that smile.

He's not concerned, he's seems OK, even excited. Maybe just maybe I'm the one with the anxiety, he's a smart, happy boy who makes friends and finds the fun no matter where he is. Yes, it's me that's the worrier. He'll be just fine.

(I can't wait until I get of work today and see him, just to be sure)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

taking a break

If you haven't noticed I have been a huge slacker. Life has been very busy for us. As most of my friends and family know, my sister Linda has had a serious medical crisis. It's put a lot of things in perspective for me and I've been spending more time with my family.

I hope to soon be back to share updates on what the kids are up to and other changes, but for now thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

time flies

Wow, did I really not post anything in January? Well I guess that makes sense, things have been busy for us. I'm just wrapping up a HUGE project at work. I'm happy to report it is completed ahead of schedule.

The boys have been keeping us very busy. Jackson likes to remind us everyday how sad he is that Christmas is over, and now that it warmed up enough to finally get the ginormous wreath off our house, he's even more distraught. Not to worry though, his birthday will be here before he knows it. I refuse to believe he will be 5 next month.

What else has been going on? Let's see. Oh yes there was this

What started as a persistent ear infection, turned into a full blow allergic reaction. Nate can never take anything with penicillin again. The poor guy was miserable for over a week. These pictures were just the beginning. He was covered head to toe with the itchyist (sorry if that's not a real word) hives ever. We're so grateful for our parents, without them we would have been in trouble. Start to finish, we needed babysitters for two weeks. I'm happy to report he is finally back to his adorable self.

I can't post a pic of Nate without showing one of Jackson too. He was so proud to go to the dentist and I was so proud of how well he did. Don't ask why it's taken so long for him to go, but he finally got there and did awesome. Check out all the stickers he got for doing so well

That's about all that happened in January. I sure hope February is much calmer.

BTW, I'll be showing off my new powder room, very soon.