Wednesday, August 19, 2009

where has the time gone

I kept telling myself not to blink, I'd miss it. Keep watch, remember every second. Somehow it happened anyway. My Jackson, my first baby, my sweet sweet boy is not only five, but he started Kindergarten yesterday.

You'd think being a working mom and having my boys in daycare, I'd be used to leaving him in the care of others each day. He's certainly used to a school environment, in fact he loves it. Why should I feel this pang in my heart. There's just something so different about real school. Maybe it's all those extra kids in the building, maybe it's the fact he'll have to get on a school bus in the afternoons, maybe it's less individual care. I worry will he feel scared, will he make new friends, will he eat his lunch, will the new kids be nice... On and on my worries go. While he has questions about Kindergarten and what he'll be doing all day, just look at that smile.

He's not concerned, he's seems OK, even excited. Maybe just maybe I'm the one with the anxiety, he's a smart, happy boy who makes friends and finds the fun no matter where he is. Yes, it's me that's the worrier. He'll be just fine.

(I can't wait until I get of work today and see him, just to be sure)

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